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December 2012

Implementation of French characters in .ca domain names

Last January, we issued a bulletin on the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) consultation process aimed at determining the feasibility of integrating accentuated characters in the French language.

After a first round of consultations in the Fall of 2011, a second round was conducted in 2012 which led to the conclusion that it would be appropriate for CIRA to authorize the integration of internationalized domain names (IDN).

Usually, when registration authorities for domain names proceed to structural changes, they create Sunrise and Landrush periods to allow actual owners to benefit from a priority of registration.

Taking into account the comments made by the various intervenants, CIRA has decided to implement the IDN in batch.  It means that the owner of a name that is non-accentuated will have the right, without limit of time, to obtain the same name accentuated.  As an example, the owner of shall have the right later on to seek registration of grâ  This allows CIRA to get away from the Sunrise and Landrush races and the users do not have to face the costs associated which such procedures.

In order to maintain a reasonable conformity, the registration of accentuated and non-accentuated names being made by batch, it will be necessary to go through the same registrar.  This flows from the principle that the various names of a same batch belong to the same owner and should be dealt with by the same registrar.

Corollarily, if a domain name is assigned to a third party, either voluntarily or by dispute resolution, all the variables of the same batch will follow to the benefit of the assignee. 

The process should begin in January 2013.

We shall be glad to discuss the above with you, should you wish to do so.

Louis Linteau
December 2012

Note:The new characters will be:

  1. é, ë, ê, è
  2. â, à, æ
  3. ô, œ
  4. ù, û, ü
  5. ç
  6. î, ï
  7. ÿ

    This bulletin is intended as a general information instrument and is not to be considered as a legal advice or opinion on any of the issues raised.