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Our firmís philosophy evolves around four axes: professionalism, service, communication and reasonable costs.

We are mainly dedicated to the quality of the professional service. This goal is reached by ensuring that all lawyers are up-to-date with the evolution of legislation and jurisprudence. Knowledge is continuously updated and matters submitted to our advice are deeply analyzed. All members of the firm value the high quality of services in the fields to which they dedicate themselves. Specific attention is put on practical solutions.

The firm has determined, at the time of foundation, to remain a small entity with an accent on service to the clients. We thus ensure a direct and constant contact with the client.

Communication is a main concern, expressed in a rapid return of calls and diligent response to questions submitted for our review, always within the agreed upon timeframe.

The client deals with the firm on the basis of a personal relationship and the lawyer in charge of a matter takes an active part therein and supervises it continuously.